Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As some of you undoubtedly know by now, the SCDGA has purchased a domain name and setup a website.

While it will constantly be worked on and tweaked to try and meet the needs of all members, you can go ahead and visit it!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Doubles Winners

Today's Doubles went off great without a hitch!

The choice to move to the Pro/Am - Adv/Adv format was a smart move as will be seen by the scores!

Todays Big winner was Tommy Slaton and David Dean. David Dean has been MIA from the course since he had Double Shoulder Surgery and cannot really play disc golf anymore due to it. We wish Dave a speedy recovery so that he might be back to playing his old disc golf game soon.

Second Place was Eli Sayer and Joe Bates.

With a 3 way tie for 3rd, Russell Hammond and Kim Brown won the playoff.


Tommy/Dave: -11

Eli/Joe: -10

: -8
Bruce/Dave: -8
Gary/Justin: -8

Rest of Field:
Cody/Chris: -7
Dave/Corey: -7
Macky/Bobby: -7
Ryan/????: -7 (sorry ????, you didnt have your name on the card)
DJ/Josh: -6

As seen by the above scores the round was really close which is what we were shooting for.

Please let others know about the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Doubles. To learn more about the Saturday Doubles be sure to read the update about Doubles starting back!

Also, if you are not receiving text messages about disc golf events, please give your cell number to Tommy or Cody!

Text Messages

As some of you may have noticed, you received a text message stating that Monday Doubles was starting back today along with the cost.

This is a new feature that we are implementing to give advanced notice to everyone about events and times.

This will come in handy since we can tell you about any events that are cancelled, or have the times changed as we begin to have more daylight later in the evening.

With this change, we will need to make sure that you cellular number is up to date so please let us know if your number has changed since last June at the Club signup.

Monday and Wednesday Doubles Are Back!

Monday and Wednesday Doubles are Back! And a Surprise new Doubles Event as well!

The SCDGA is up and kicking this week with the start of weekly doubles and the club Bag Tag.

As of right now doubles will be held at 5:00 P.M. sharp! Please be sure to be there with plenty of time as this is a firm starting time. Cost for these events will be $6 entry fee with an option $1 CTP and $1 Ace Pool.

We are taking a new approach to the Monday Doubles format and switching to a Pro/Am - Adv/Adv format. We had tried this before, but this will be the permanent format from here on out. The reason for this is to grow the player abilities as fast as we can by pairing starting players with the Pros and get the Adv. Players to pick their game up and compete against the Pros. This also helps the Pros learn how to keep that edge. We will also be changing the payout format as well. For now on any Pro gets paid out in cash with all Am/Adv players being paid out in Script that is usable to purchase plastic or schwag from the Club.

Wednesday Doubles will be run as a Random Draw format and has one Ace Pool at $300 and another Ace Pot almost there.

This Sunday the Bag Tag will start at 2 P.M. sharp, so make time to be there as well. Please make sure to bring you Bag Tag too! No more claiming that you "forgot" to bring it. No Bag Tag, No Play!

Starting this Saturday we will be launching the all new Pro/Am - Adv/Adv Doubles at Cedar Hills. This event will start at 2 P.M. and will be run by Cloud 9 Disc Golf.

The cost for this event is $5 entry fee with an optional $1 CTP and $1 Ace Pool. There will be $20 added to the Pro Purse.

Pros will be paid out in cash with Ams/Adv players being paid out in script usable in the Cloud 9 Disc Golf trailer for plastic or schwag.

If you wanna win cash, the start practicing and play Pro!

Remember, you Drive for Show, and you Putt for Dough.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ace Pool!

Last year we lost 2 Ace Pots in the last 2 weeks of Doubles. Cody hit one ace on Hole# 16 at Sanders with Justin hitting an ace the next week on Hole#9 short at Sanders.

We are starting to rebuild the Ace Pots again and we have one pot already at $350.

This is reason enough to show up! Tell your friends and keep those discs flying!